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With the help of St. Petersburg movers, moving doesn’t have to be stressful.  Even when that move involves little ones, Spirit Movers is here for you. To make your experience a little easier, our St. Petersburg residential movers share some advice on creating a smooth move for your kids.

Let Them Know What’s Up

Once your move is set in stone, let your kids know. Give them time to make peace with the idea and to say goodbye to their friends. 

Break the News Nicely

Tough news is easier to swallow when you’re eating pizza or ice cream. Keep in mind a list of all the ways this new place will be great: maybe they’ll enjoy their own room or a public pool nearby where they can go swimming. Remind them that all of their belongings will be moving with them and that, of course, you’re going too.

Plan Out Packing

Start early and work around your kids’ schedules. If they’re too young to box things up, pack at night or during play dates and daycare days. If they’re old enough to help out, let them. Give them markers and stickers to unleash their creativity on their boxes—this  will keep them occupied and your St. Petersburg movers will know exactly which boxes are theirs.

Pull out one box to fill with all the items your child deems important.  Let them choose what goes in this box, and pack it away in your car for that first night in the new place.

Don’t forget to stash away important documents in the car, too. Anything you might need to ensure a quick and easy transition to a new school, new sports teams, etc.

Trash the Trash Before Your Trip

Kids are notorious for developing an attachment to everything, so before you waste time packing up that dead bug collection, toss or donate items your kid no longer needs or wants.

Make the Move Memorable

Saying goodbye is hard, so make the trip something to enjoy with activities the kids can look forward to. Coordinate play dates or a going-away party for proper farewells. Plan out a route to your new home that includes some fun stops.

Most importantly, in the midst of all this change, make sure family time stays as consistent as possible. Humans are creatures of habit, and keeping routines is sometimes the best kind of comfort for change. Your St. Petersburg moving company is here to help you do just that. After all, your family is the one thing that won’t change, no matter how many moves you make.

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