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Sarasota Piano Movers - Sarasota Piano Moving Company

You may get a little nervous when you think about a moving company handling your valuable, fragile items such as a piano or antiques—but when you choose the signature services of Spirit Movers, you can have total confidence that your items are being handled with the utmost care.

Our certified specialized moving professionals approach each job with fresh eyes. We know that every move is different, so we look at all the relevant factors, such as the size of doorways, how to deal with moving through multiple floors, etc…to come up with a plan tailored to your specific situation.

We’ve offered our white-glove services since 1983, so our team has the experience to handle even complex moves with ease and to ensure that your valuables are handled with the care they deserve.

Bespoke Sarasota Antique and Piano Moving
Experience does matter, but only to a point. The way that we handled a move down the street may have very little to do with how we’ll handle your move. That’s why we offer bespoke moving services for your most valuable items.

This may include custom crating for an antique sculpture, wearing archival gloves when handling artwork or historic documents, or consulting with an expert before moving your Steinway concert piano. Whatever the situation, we want you to know that we take the proper handling of your piano and antiques seriously, and we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver those items in pristine condition.

We offer:

  • Highly Skilled Movers with Specialized Training in Handling High-Value Items
  • Air Ride-Equipped Trucks for a Smooth Ride
  • Air-Conditioned Trucks for Temperature-Sensitive Items
  • Professional Custom Crating
  • A Move Coordinator Who Oversees the Handling of Your Piano and Antiques

Contact Spirit Movers to learn more about our white-glove services and put your prized items into the hands of movers who understand the proper way to pack and transport your treasures. Call today or fill out our online form now to arrange a consultation with a moving specialist.

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