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Moving, whether it’s local or long distance, is never an easy task. Between planning, organizing, packing, figuring out logistics, and actually transporting everything you own, relocating can be completely overwhelming. Make the process easier and less stressful by choosing local movers with a track record of experience, Spirit Movers. From apartments to estates, we offer packing and moving services designed to make your move easier.

While Spirit Movers offers full-service moving options, there are some things our pros can’t do for you, like decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Check out our moving and packing tips below to help you get rid of things you no longer need.

Sort Through Everything

Before you move take a full inventory of your items and to sort through them to ensure you’ll only move items that you need and will use at your new home. Separate your unwanted things into three piles-keep, toss, and donate or sell.

Keep items that you know you will need or want at your new home. Throw away anything that is beyond repair or that can’t be donated. Gently used items that you no longer need are perfect for donating to local charity organizations.

Hold a Garage Sale or Donate Items

For belongings that are in good condition but are no longer useful to you, plan a garage sale prior to your move. There are also multiple sites online where you can list your items for sale with minimal fees.

Give to Family or Friends

No longer need your crib but have a best friend with a growing family? Communicate with friends and family to see if any of your things can benefit them, helping you to rid your home of belongings you no longer need or want.

Make your move, and packing to move, a more convenient process by eliminating unwanted stuff. Want more moving and packing tips? Get in touch with the experienced professionals at Spirit Movers! We’d love to give you more information, so give us a call or complete our online form today for a free, no-obligation estimate of moving costs. 

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