Longboat Key Movers

One of the hardest aspects of any move can be packing – between making sure things don’t break and keeping track of where items wind up amongst all those boxes, it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t add to the stress of packing by moving all of the extra clutter you’ve accumulated over the years – moving is the perfect time to lighten your load and clean out all of the junk that’s crowded your home. It’ll also save you money: every box you save your household movers from packing and/or moving is money back in your pocket.

As your go-to Longboat Key residential movers, Spirit Movers has come up with a list of tips to follow for decluttering your house and making sure you move only the things you really want and need.

Start Ahead

At least one month before you schedule your Longboat Key movers, start sorting out things you want to get rid of. This will give you time to sell items or donate them, so you don’t have to waste perfectly good things.

Designate Categories

Make a box for items you want to “toss,” “donate,” and “sell.” This way, as you go through your home one drawer or room at a time, you only have to deal with items once before they get sorted off into the right place.

Acquire the Right Tools

You’re going to need packing tape, black markers, and labels for your move anyways, so go ahead and gather up these items now and keep them near your sorted boxes so you can use them any time you have a free moment to go through more items.

Keep Your New Home’s Size in Mind

Especially if you’re downsizing, consider how much room you’ll have in your new place. If you’re on the fence about getting ride of something, consider your new space and where you’ll put the item. Even if your new home is bigger, you don’t want to fill every nook with stuff you don’t really use.

Get Rid of These No-Brainer Items

  • Unopened Boxes – Anything you’ve never taken out of the box is not something you’re going to use now.
  • Unworn Clothing – Get rid of any clothing in your closet you’ve never worn, or haven’t worn in the last year.
  • Old and Expired – Anything with a past expiration date – food, prescriptions, etc. – should be tossed. If you have old medication that you’ll never use again, take it to a pharmacy to be disposed of safely.
  • Duplicates – If you happen to keep spare supplies of items that you never need extras for – towels, coffee mugs, dishes, etc. – get rid of it. If you haven’t used it by now, you never will.

After you’ve decluttered and you’re in need of residential moving services, contact Spirit Movers – we’ll help you get where you need to go, fast and easy.