Moving in summer

Summers aren’t known to be cool here in Florida.

Between the shear heat of the sun, the humidity will take a serious toll on your body. Summer is the most popular time to move, but it can be challenging when the elements aren’t in your favor.

The experts at Spirit Moving are your Palmetto movers of choice. With hundreds of moves in our portfolio, we have developed a few tips for dealing with the punishing summer heat.

  • Schedule Utilities Accordingly- Make sure you take your move date into consideration when you are scheduling shutting off your utilities and turning them on at the new place. Give yourself some wiggle room so you aren’t without air conditioning at either place. Having the water will also be a plus when you want to shower the sweat off after a full day of moving.
  • Pack Wisely- Moving companies have a list of “unallowables” to prevent safety issues with the warm weather, but keep that in mind when you are packing your belongings. The moving truck can get hot depending on what type of truck is assigned to your shipment. Make sure you don’t pack anything combustible or flammable. If it’s in question, you can ask your move coordinator.
  • Bring Water- Hydrating is key with the summer heat. Moving around while packing and unpacking might cause you to break a sweat as well- which will require more hydration. Your movers will also greatly appreciate it if you have water provided.
  • Pets- Your pets will likely to feeling the heat as well. Make sure they are in a cool room while the movers are coming in and out of the house. Also, be sure to not leave them outside or in the car during the moving days or while traveling to your new home.

Do you have a summer move coming up? Call the experts at Spirit Moving today! Our schedule fills up fast, so call today to ensure you have a team of our Palmetto residential moving experts managing your move. Call or visit our website today!

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