Whether your move is commercial or residential - or you're not moving at all, but your home is overburdened - you'll probably need storage space. We understand; that's why we offer tens of thousands of feet of storage space in our Indianapolis storage warehouse. The facility is air-conditioned and guarded against damage by our extensive alarm system and 24-hour camera surveillance - you'll feel comfortable storing valuable personal or business materials there for however long you need to. It's not only our long-term storage option that distinguishes us from other Sarasota storage companies - we also use vaulted storage, a safe form of storage in which your items are pad-wrapped and placed in large, individually marked wooden vaults. This system is doubly secure - by both insulating and locking items, we protect your goods against damage AND theft.

Please read on for more information about our Sarasota storage services. We offer:

Sarasota Residential Storage: You can take advantage of our household storage space during your move, or use our units as a permanent storage space for your difficult-to-accommodate items. Sarasota Commercial Storage: Businesses and companies all over Florida take advantage of our commercial storage options, including open racking space for outsized office items. Sarasota Portable StoragePortable storage units available for Sarasota and the surrounding areas.
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