Since our pets are always there to comfort us through the hard times, the last thing you want to do is cause them any distress. Unfortunately, a move can be one of the most stressful experiences in your fuzzy friend’s life. Your dog or cat has spent a long time getting acclimated to your current home, so a change could be a frightening process for them. To ensure every step of the process goes smoothly, our Sarasota movers shared a few tips to help you ease your pet’s mind during a relocation.

Pets and Moving

Keep Your Pet Secure When Moving Out

The sound of boxes shuffling and furniture sliding across the floor is bound to terrify your pet. To ensure they don’t suffer a debilitating anxiety attack, keep them in a familiar room while all the chaos unfolds and make sure it’s the last one you pack up. For dogs, you can also chain them up in your backyard if you have one.

Give Them Comfort for the Transition

Unless you’re frequently taking your pet on long trips, chances are they haven’t spent much time in crates or cars. To ensure they acclimate easily to the carrier, train them by gradually extending the amount of time they’re in it. Also, feed them meals while they’re inside of it and make sure to put toys and items with familiar scents in there as well.

Help Them Adjust to Their New Home

Your pet may have run free in your last place, but that’s because it already made itself at home. Unfamiliar spaces can be overwhelming for your fuzzy friend, so start by allowing them to adjust to one room – a home base if you will. This room should include favorite toys, treats and water and food bowls. After they’ve grown accustom to that room, gradually let them explore others while keeping some doors shut.

In addition to moving all of your belongings, ensuring your pet’s comfort during a move is stressful. To allow yourself more time to tend to your animal companion, let our Sarasota residential movers handle your next relocation. Call Spirit Movers now or fill out our online quote form to receive your free estimate today!